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It’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to care, but we believe it starts with a phone call. Just talking about your needs with someone can help you become more positive and understand your choices better. We take our time to discuss with everyone all the options available to you and any other information you may need to know. We can provide you with additional information and support to assist with any decisions you may need to make.


What next now I understand things better?

What we like to do is meet in person to go through things in a little more detail, wherever that may be. We like to understand in as much detail possible all of your preferences and needs. We also welcome the chance to meet any other health professionals that may already be involved in your care. All of this information will help us in creating the best care plan for you.


What we do next

Armed with all the information you have given us, we can now start creating the best care plan for you. Once we have a draft in place, we like to meet again to discuss the draft plan and make absolutely certain that it meets all your needs and any other criteria set out by other health care professionals. We can make any adjustments required and revise the plan until it provides the full coverage you require. Once this process is complete, we start to introduce chosen carers to you to start building relationships and helping to ease the transition as quickly and stress free as possible.


With everything in place, now what?

Care and Care Plans are not static, they are are constantly evolving. Needs change over time and we are fully flexible to work swiftly to make those changes. We review care frequently to make sure it is still effective and we always make sure everyone is happy with everything. We welcome open communication with our care and any concerns we prefer to have resolved swiftly, whatever they may be.



The best outcomes are what we strive for. We want everyone involved in the process to be very happy with the care being provided and the bond between the carers and client should be strong and natural and on first name terms.

Check-ups on the care will be common place and communication will be an essential part of the process with phone calls, drop ins and hand written notes forming the majority of this. Your choice in trusting MasterOneCare should be one that is not questioned at any point in the entire process.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or wish to get started on working with us on your care needs.

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