Our Core Values

The very foundation of our care

Great Communication

It may obvious that good communication is important, however all too often communication can break down over time as things become more routine. Taking that little bit of extra time to communicate effectively from the beginning and for the duration of the care really helps to stop barriers from being put up. That is why it is one of our core values, because it is core to great quality care.

Person-Centred Support

When it comes to building care plans, any amount of years of experience we may have do not give us the insight into what your personal needs are. That is why we build our care around you. We might give you the benefit of our experience with gentle suggestions where required but ultimately it is down to you (and your family) to decide what is most important to them.

Strict Safeguarding

It is easy for us to forget that as we get older, we become more vulnerable and this vulnerability can sometimes make older people targets in many different ways. We have many differing measures in place to check all of our carers to the highest level, and not just the baseline measures. We have our own internal processes to decide who can work with us. This is the best way we can protect all our clients.

Consistent Reliability

The care we provide is vital to everyone and ensuring it is delivered on time is important. That’s why we work hard to organise our carers efficiently so they have ample time between each of their appointments. Of course things out of anyone’s control can happen but this is when we rely on our other core value, communication.

Friendly Approach

‘Care’ and ‘Friendly Care’ cost the same but the value of Friendly Care is infinitely more. It is important that all our carers are friendly and approachable and is part of our own internal guidelines on what makes a great carer.

Regular Checks

Much like an MOT, it only guarantees your car is safe on the day that the MOT was completed. Whilst annual checks may be enough for cars, it is not enough for our carers. We constantly monitor and review all of our carers to ensure they are effective in their roles, have the latest training and nothing has changed that might affect their carers status.

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